Monday, November 21, 2011

Toss it or Fix it??

 Last winter I spilled something on one of my favorite sweaters. UG!

I tried everything, but it would not come out and I could not bring myself to toss it. So, I tucked it away with my winter clothes only to pull it out and relive the disappointment. 

Then I had a thought, "what if I altered my sweater?"  What a great idea!! 

And, so I began................

I decided to redo the neck line and thus cutting away the existing stains. 

 Someone gave me a sweater that was beyond repair and I was tickled to see the color of the neck and the bottom would coordinate well with my project !

I cut out the new neckline and bottom trim allowing extra for the seam.

Next I laid out the new neckline over my sweater to get a general idea of how it would look.

I was HAPPY!
Now to cut out the old neckline ..........

I pinned the new neckline in place with right sides togetherThe v in the center was a little tricky but with patience it can be done. 
This may be a little more difficult for the beginner, but give it go anyway. Baste it in place and double check your work BEFORE you actually stitch it with the sewing machine. This will save you the heartache of taking out stitches gone wrong.

 Next, stitch your new neckline in place.   

 As an afterthought I incorporated the bottom of my recycled sweater as accent cuffs.

I love the feeling of my sleeves being long enough to touch the palms of my hands and now I could add the extra length.

woo hoo!

Stitch the side seam , turn inside out, tuck into sleeve and top stitch in place.

Now, I can wear my "new" old favorite sweater again!
I was tickled the way this worked out!  

The remaining recycled sweater is all going to good use as well.

Possibilities are endless when you put your mind to it!
I would love to know what favorites you have salvaged! 
have a great Monday!

as always, create with joy

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