Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall down Winter to Go!

Fall came and went so quickly! 
I worked in a few fall decorations and had a great time creating them.


My favorite has to be the
  Halloween wreath 
 I made for the front door.


I hand painted the letters and the pumpkin onto pieces of cardboard I recycled from a mac and cheese box. I distressed them with a little sandpaper and then painted a mod podge glaze over the top to give little shine.

 I used a wire hanger to form the wreath itself and found some black mesh netting in the garage left over from the garden. I cut it into strips and tied each one on separately. I actually giggled as I did this believing I was so clever. (hehehehe)  I also used an orange trash bag for added color.

The best part of this was it cost me zippo , nada, $0.00!!  And it was awesome on the door. I was sad when I took it down. But not to worry , I am working on the one for Christmas!!  What can I create with little to no money???  My creative mind is at work. 

Loved fall, as always, gonna try and love 

Saving grace, I LOVE Christmas time! 

If you like my wreath hows about a thumbs up?? That would be great!

I am thinking of a "how to" video for the Christmas wreath, what do you think?
post all comments and suggestions below and have a creative day! 

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