Thursday, November 24, 2011

Memories from your kids

Yes! Thanksgiving! I love the whole turkey day celebration!   Food, family, good friends and that satisfying overstuffed feeling you get in your tummy! Its a very special day indeed!
These are pictures my son, Cord took at our 2008 family Thanksgiving. 

My oldest son, Ryan is a gifted photographer and always has his camera with him. This particular day he handed it over to my then, 8 year old son, Cordo.
I have 184 very interesting and amusing pictures, let me tell ya! Brilliant idea though.
Seeing the family get together through the eyes of my children is very awesome. And I love the perspective my son shared with us on the whole day.

I suggest this idea to everyone. The memories are priceless and I am sure you will find a better understanding of how your younger kids see the world. Its such a gift. I thank my sons Ryan and Cord for a Thanksgiving I won't ever forget and every year I pull out my pictures and am thankful all over again. 

Cordo as we know and love him.
Ryan through the eyes of Cordo.
as always , 
create in joy, 
and Happy Thanksgiving!

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