Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home Design on a Budget

Giving New Life to My Home on a Budget

I have been Reinventing Furniture and clothing since I was a young adult. (Which, in my case, is quite a few years ago.)  Looking to broaden my knowledge I ran across  The Inspired room , a blog that is just what I was looking for, inspiration with "how to's"!
 I love the challenge and the cost (most of the time is $0.00) When the networks started broadcasting DIY shows on cable I was overjoyed! 
And now with the internet and YouTube anything and everything is available!  

With times like they are, most households are pulling up the purse strings, in a matter of speaking.  On the other hand, it is very rewarding to give new life to what we already have and staying “green”. 
Besides, throwing our stuff out, or away, for the earth to absorb is just not ok anymore.  

Painting furniture  can be easier than you may think and surprise you delightfully
My Romantic Home posted some beautiful pictures of both before and after painting several pieces worth checking out. The blog is one of my favorites for instruction and inspiration. 

 Making slip covers for your sofa, chairs, comforter on your bed, even kitchen or dining room chairs is really simple by following 

This is a Beautiful site, full of Inspiration!  I found this step by step tutorial for making a slip cover for the winged backed chair in the picture.
For chair video click above, for home page to Miss Mustard go here: Miss Mustard Seed.

You can use extra linens and dye them if needed to get the color you want.   Sheets are such a great size for these types of projects, as compared to purchasing new and expensive upholstery fabrics from the fabric store.  
 Although, I do believe in supporting our local sewing and craft stores, sometimes the budget is just not there, but our desire to redecorate is. 
There are so many how to videos available with a simple YouTube search or even through some of the on line sewing and craft sites and blogs.

Finding bargains for those few items you want to add is easy, but may be a little time consuming. I personally love the “treasure hunt”!  Knowing ahead of time what kind of room I want to create and then keeping my eye out for an item I can refurbish or simply use “as is”.  Thrift stores yard and rummage sales, swap meets, and on line sites such as ebay or MY LISTA, are bottomless pits of “stuff” and on my lista its bartering, so you seriously can get what you need for free! Free stuff is always the best!  Keep your ears and eyes open, ya just never know when you might see that perfect item on someone’s curb, or someone is moving or getting rid of stuff.

Giving your home a personal designer look is as easy or difficult as you choose to make it. To get started, pull up pictures and sites on line for inspiration.  Then, take inventory of what you have on hand, and make a general list of what it is you are looking for.   Don’t be afraid of what YOU like. After all you are the one living in your home and it should make YOU happy first and foremost.  If you find something you love and have no idea how to start your project and cannot find any how to videos on the technique don’t worry, you may just have to ask a few questions on a few DIY sites and “somebody” is going to have exactly what you were looking for. 

Recruit a friend if you are feeling a little intimidated. Sometimes it helps to have a partner in your creative adventures.  Your creative side is just waiting to burst out and express itself. And in my opinion, there is no right or wrong “rules” to decorating, although the formally educated bunch may disagree with me. 

It is your home, your space, do as you wish! Now, you have now been officially invited. Let’s see what you can do!

As always,
Create with JOY!

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