Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mans Shirt made into Dress for Me!

I love making stuff from stuff! (giggle)

 This was a super easy project! I was able to take a mans XL flannel and turn it into a super cute  sun dress!  I can wear it during cooler months by just putting a short or long sleeve shirt under it.

It is really soft and comfy!  Instructions below. And by the way.... the pattern you choose to use does not matter. Just pick one similar from any maker you desire.

Have fun!!!

 I started with a simple slip dress pattern. It calls for placing the center front on a fold. I simply buttoned it up cut one side out and then flipped the pattern over to the other side. Because this pattern is form fitting, by using the button up front already in place , I have built in buttons ready to rock!

I folded the back in half and laid the back pattern piece on the fold and cut it out.

Using the upper back of the shirt I laid out the pattern piece for the back facing. I chose to lay it out in such a way as to incorporate the clothing tag.  Just for kicks.

I used the one of the sleeves for the straps.

And the other sleeve for the front facing.

I sewed darts into the front piece and as you can see, the buttons and pocket are still intact. SO CUTE!
This is the front and back facing sewn together at the sides. (see my tag still in place? :)
 I laid my straps at an angle and then pinned them in place, here I simply folded it over to double check it is where I want it.

Then I have pinned the facing in place , cutting the center front because of the buttons. And sewed it in place.
 I chose to put it on and then pin the straps in the exact place I wanted them, I then sewed them on and added a button on top to accent them. 
This was a fun project I will do again and again! 
as always, 
create with joy!


Bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing these instructions. I've been wanting to find ways to make clothing that I love out of stuff from a thrift shop. This is a perfect example of that. If only my sewing machine wasn't broken...

Connie said...

What a cool idea! Very creative and cute!! I will pass this on to all my sewing buddies...

Tammy said...

Bonnie, I am glad you liked it, I hope you can get your machine fixed soon! :)

Tammy said...

Thanks Connie!